Rino Mastrotto Australia

Rino Mastrotto Australia is a supplier of premium leather solutions for the furniture, design, automotive, marine and aviation industries.

This long-standing partnership between Decor Design Centre and the global tanning conglomerate, the Rino Mastrotto Group, has a reputation as a leader in the delivery of product and service. Considered a pioneer in leather production, all tanneries in the Rino Mastrotto Group carry the ISO 9001 Quality Certification. The company has also achieved the ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification.

Rino Mastrotto Australia is a strong supporter of the Australian Furniture Association, working to promote and develop the industry to ensure its prosperous future.

From royalty to prime ministers, corporate headquarters to luxury superyachts, mansions to motor homes, Rino Mastrotto Australia’s products can be found across the globe.

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