Leather & Sustainability

Upholstery leather as an industry begins at the end of the food production process and makes use of what would otherwise be waste from the meat industry. The leather industry does not source raw material in the absence of the meat industry and therefore leather can be considered an inherently up-cycled product.

Our sourcing and supply chain evaluation process is both rigorous and simple: We work with suppliers from Europe who have documented and auditable understanding and commitment to sustainability principles throughout the leather supply chain.

The EU regulations regarding both input processes and output factors are the most stringent on the planet and provide an industry-wide safety net for product sourced from within Europe. Coupled with the local industry regulation in Northern Italy – the epicentre of global leather production – as a client you can be confident that the regulatory environment throughout our supply chain ensures global best practice in your leather sourcing.

All of our tanneries are certified to ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management Systems, but like you, we expect more than systems certification. Beyond simple compliance, our supply partners are leading the world in their search for best-practice and for methodology that reduces or completely negates the impact on the environment.

Locally, our leather operations are steeped in sustainability practices. Our cardboard tubes that we use to roll our leather are 100% recycled. We collect and recycle thousands of tubes per year, trimming to size and recycling the waste cardboard. Our leather is packed in post-consumer recycled and recyclable wrap, ensuring strength and durability for transport, but a light footprint on the planet. We manage local deliveries in-house, ensuring consolidated shipments and minimising CO2 emissions. Our national delivery partner works to the ISO 14001 Standard and possesses Australia’s largest fleet of hybrid and low-emissions vehicles. We stock locally enabling bulk shipping and minimising air freight impacts. We are also one of the only companies to supply in half hide increments, minimising waste by allowing clients to receive the precise quantity of product required.

Explore the snapshot below of initiatives that some of our industry and tanning partners are involved with. From production processes to waste management and recycling, both within the industry and end of lifecycle for finished product, we are proud of our supply chain and their leadership in sustainability.

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Leather & Sustainability