Textiles & Sustainability

As an agency business, we typically rely on our supply chain for advancements in sustainable sourcing and manufacturing process.

As part of our sustainability journey and developing our knowledge of our business and products, we understand that what is unique about a multi-brand agency is the diversity of world-leading initiatives and practices that we are exposed to. These range from the simplicity of reduced transport and input carbon emissions, to cutting edge technological and process initiatives and globally recognised certifications. We are proud of our network and the extraordinary steps that these leaders of industry are taking to ensure the world we leave is a better place than the one we have inherited.

Beyond certification and regulatory compliance, our textile business is steeped in responsible corporate citizenship and genuine global best-practice when it comes to production and process. Whether a project requires a specific certification, or you are just curious, we have thousands of products that are changing how textiles and wallcoverings are harvested, processed, manufactured, transported, delivered and recycled or repurposed.

Explore a snapshot of our textile suppliers’ sustainability initiatives below:

Création Baumann

Designers Guild








House of Hackney


Willie Weston

Mind The Gap

Pukka Print

Rugs Sustainability