Aria Ash

With its silky feel and strikingly smooth finish, Aria let’s the design be the hero, offering a distinct level of sophistication and subtlety to each furniture piece.

Aria holds its structure over large panels and exhibits exceptional durability, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial interiors.

Aria is also ideal for embossing and perforation for upholstery and wall panelling applications.

Upholstery Leather Perth Aria Decor Design
Test Normative Unit Value
RUBBING RESISTANCE IUF 450 1000 cycles dry 4 / 4 (Grey Scale)
IUF 450 250 cycles wet 4 / 4 (Grey Scale)
IUF 450 150 cycles alkaline sweat 4 / 4 (Grey Scale)
FATIGUE AND BENDING IUP 20 20,000 cycles No Cracking
LIGHT FASTNESS IUF 402 Xenon lamp X 5 (Blue Scale)
HEAT AGEING DIN 54004 3 gg 500 4 (Grey Scale)

Product Information

Type: Semi Aniline
Source: Italy
Average Hide Size: 4.8-5.0m²
Thickness: 1.0 – 1.2mm

Aria is a semi aniline leather, characterised by its sumptuous handle and strikingly smooth finish.  This unique leather is produced on the finest quality European hides.

The distinctive finish of Aria is achieved by drying the hides under vacuum as part of the tanning process.  This rapid removal of moisture creates a leather with luxurious body and structure, and an elegant almost ‘grainless’ look.

Aria’s muted colour palette is sophisticated and practical, creating exceptional furnishings and wall finishes.  Combined with its exceptional durability, this unique leather is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial interiors. Aria is ideal for embossing and perforation to create personalised furnishing, acoustic and wall finishes.

All colours are in stock in our Australian warehouse and available for immediate off-the-shelf delivery.

Custom colours are available on request.

Tannery Environmental Notes

Aria is finished in one of Europe’s most progressive tanneries, supplying some of the world’s leading furniture, automotive, marine and aviation companies.  All manufacturing practices are in accordance with the ISO 14000 Standards, which recognises organisations that are committed to environmental management and operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The tannery has made a public commitment to environmentally sustainable processes and ethical standards that seek to preserve a clean world for future generations. Aria is produced using only water-based dyes.

The tannery complies with stringent local environmental regulations, with all tannery wastage (liquid, gas and solid) treated to European Standards on-site and again at a shared off-site facility.

The tannery is a Gold rated member of the Leather Working Group which is the leading industry organisation focused on sustainable and responsible leather production.

Care Instructions

Aria will require care and maintenance to continually offer the lasting beauty and comfort that only leather can provide.

Protect from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure may cause the leather to fade over time.

Protect leather from direct heat sources and heating vents.

Vacuum regularly using soft brush attachments to remove dust & grit.

Remove spills by blotting with a clean soft & absorbent colourfast cloth.

We recommend the use of Leather Master or Complete Leathercare products for semi aniline leathers to spot clean and to revitalise your leather.

Do not use detergents, solvents or abrasive cleaners.  Do not dry clean or machine wash.

Deterioration arising from incorrect or inadequate maintenance are not considered faults in the leather and will void any warranty.