Britannia Stormcloud

An instant classic, Britannia is a pull-up leather that exudes a refined charm. Designed to wear into its environment from the moment it is used, Britannia will age with distinction and develop a character that is uniquely yours.

The extensive colour palette is expressive and joyful, offering both contemporary and traditional tones that suit a variety of environments and uses.

Britannia celebrates the inherent natural beauty of leather.

Britannia Stormcloud
Test Normative Unit Value
THICKNESS ISO 2589 mm 1.0/1.2mm
TEAR STRENGTH IUP 8 N/mm ≥ 20N min
ADHESION IUP 470 N/cm ≥ 2 N/cm min
(Grey Scale)
COLOUR FASTNESS TO RUBBING IUF 450 300 cycles dry ≥ 4 min
(Grey Scale)
IUF 450 30 cycles wet ≥ 4 min
(Grey Scale)

Product Information

Type: Oiled / Waxed Pull-Up
Source: Italy
Average Hide Size: 5.0m²
Thickness: 1.0-1.2mm

Britannia is a waxed aniline leather, produced on English Steer hides. Britannia has an aged appearance, coupled with a slight ‘pull-up’ effect, which creates a sharp burst of colour from under the surface. The pull-up effect gives the product a distinctive appearance that embodies old-world charm and sophistication.

Britannia has an exceptional handle and is suited to both traditional and contemporary furniture. It is a unique upholstery choice, creating distinguished and luxurious pieces. Britannia has been lightly protected and is suitable for a variety of residential and commercial environments. It will exhibit areas of light and dark as it ages, adding to the appeal of the product.

All colours are in stock and available for immediate off-the-shelf delivery.

Custom colours are available on request.

Tannery Environmental Notes

Britannia is produced by an ISO 14001 certified company. This ISO Standard recognises organisations that are committed to environmental management and operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The company also carries the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, which recognises its quality and management systems throughout its global operations. Their commitment to environmentally responsible production has led to partnership programs with many of Europe’s leading green companies in the fields of automotive, aircraft, marine, garment, footwear and upholstery leather production. Britannia is produced using only water-based dyes.

The tannery utilises some of the most advanced waste management techniques in the industry, with all tannery wastage (liquid, gas and solid) treated to European Standards on-site and again at a shared off-site facility.

The tannery is a Gold rated member of the Leather Working Group which is the leading industry organisation focused on sustainable and responsible leather production. They are also a member of the Sustainable Leather Foundation.

Care Instructions

Britannia will require care and maintenance to continually offer the lasting beauty and comfort that only leather can provide.

Protect from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure may cause the leather to fade over time.  This is especially important with aniline leather.

Protect leather from direct heat sources and heating vents. Vacuum regularly using soft brush attachments to remove dust & grit.

Remove spills by blotting with a soft & absorbent colourfast cloth.

We recommend the use of Guardsman products for pull up leathers to spot clean and to revitalise your leather.  To preserve the character and supple nature of your leather, we recommend using the Pull Up Revive product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Treatment products should be tested on an unobtrusive area before applying to visible areas.

Do not use detergents, solvents or abrasive cleaners.  Do not dry clean or machine wash.

Deterioration arising from incorrect or inadequate maintenance are not considered faults in the leather and will void any warranty.